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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday G-Man

My husband writes Haikus on otherwise non-traditional Haiku subjects, such as the demise of GM or other news stories. The effect is sometimes hilarious, sometimes sublime. However, I am taking a page out of his book and writing one also, for no other reason than that it just came to me.

It's the question I pose to God regarding my 5-yr old Gregory, and the answer revealed to me over time.

WHY GOD, Autism???

"...It is a form of Beauty..."

"Must change Heart to see."

Gregory has been changing my heart to grow, enough so that I could at last see beyond the challenges & difficulties of a kid on the autism spectrum, and to realize that he is a kid first & foremost with a great laugh, smile, unbeatable hugs & snuggles, sense of humor, and he doesn't have a nefarious bone in his body (can't say that about many people).

Never mind that you'll find a lot of things lined up or grouped by color in our house. I for one can't pass a crooked painting on the wall without getting it level -- we all have our quirks. I have many deficits of my own that G-man has helped me realize and overcome.

In order to help him, he has brought me out of myself and into a larger purpose...

Love you, Gregory -- Happy 5th journey 'round the big ball of gas in the sky.


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